How we started


My journey of growing and propagating succulents began when I wanted to give my sister in-law a unique Christmas gift. I've always been hands on, trying many DIY crafts, and this gift was just another one I wanted to attempt. I decided I'd make and gift a living-succulent wreath. She loved it and so did I. Since then, it has ultimately lead me to making real-life DIY projects as a hobby from home decor to arrangements and miniature gardens.

Why JOS?


In the past couple of years, succulents have become more and more popular among individuals who want to build and make their own businesses and arrangements. The difference with JOS is that we focus on meeting our skill-sets, knowledge, and originality to extend beyond our customers' expectations. By growing beyond we focus on thinking outside of the typical backyard garden to cater to the rapid development of small homes and apartments. JOS can bring your home a relaxing atmosphere with or without a backyard.


M. Ibra

"Interesting colours, combinations and design. I absolutely love the arrangement, sitting on my study desk"

C. Feng

"A perfect creation and sent directly to my house. The little ones love it, so creative and colourful"

D. Garrido

"A wonderful centerpiece for my kitchen table, growing steadily and little maintenance, and the presentation is bubbly"



Our Address

Sunday – Friday  09:00AM – 17:00pm

Saturday    Closed


Attilio Place, Edensor Park 2176, NSW

02 9822 1939


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